Great Lakes

Standards and Certification Clinic

June 27, 2020

Please register for this clinic by Wednesday June 24th

This clinic is now VIRTUAL!!

Registration for Standards and Certification Clinic

The Standards & Certifications clinic is for ALL MEMBERS, ALL PARENTS, INSTRUCTORS, and EXAMINERS to learn and be updated on the standards for the D1 - C2 certifications in USPC.

This is a clinic for our entire Great Lakes Region. As we are in unprecedented times we will be holding this clinic as a virtual video clinic from the comfort of your home.

Our presenter is Asia Thayer, National Examiner for USPC and is well know for putting on fantastic clinics in a virtual world. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to take a closer look at the Pony Club Certification system, how it works, and how does it relate specifically to you and your goals.

This clinic will FOCUS ON:

  • Basic Balanced Position - What is it and why is it so important?
  • What is a D1-D3 member and the differences and challenges between each level.
  • What is a C1 - C2 member and the difference and challenges between those level. C3 - A certifications and how to reach the National Testing platform.
  • This will be an INTERACTIVE video clinic with an opportunity for you to ask questions. She will be using a power point with pictures and videos to enhance your understanding.

DATE: Saturday June 27th

TIME:  9 am

DURATION: 3 - 4 hours. We encourage you to stay for the entire clinic but realize some participants will stay only for the D Level and others will join in for the C level only. We hope to see as many join as possible even if it is for 1 hour.

LINK for VIDEO CALL: the link and more details will be sent to all participants who register for this clinic

NOTE to EXAMINERS: Examiners should attend the Standards/Certifications Clinic or Examiners Clinic within the last two years to remain an approved examiner in the region.



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