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About Great Lakes

The United States Pony Clubs, Inc., develops character, leadership, confidence and a sense of community in youth through a program that teaches the care of horses and ponies, riding and mounted sports.

About the Great Lakes Region

The Great Lakes Region Pony Club encompasses 18 clubs and riding centers in the lower peninsula of Michigan, northern Indiana and northern Ohio areas with more than 150 active Pony Club members.

The purpose of the local club is to instruct and provide opportunities for beginning (D-level) members.  As club members advance in their riding and horse management skills, they often exceed the level of the local knowledge base.  This is where the region comes in.  The Great Lakes region is dedicated to providing opportunities for education and certification preparation to the more advanced (C-level and higher) club members.

The region hosts certification testings for national certifications, and assists with training volunteers to take on the roles of examiners, instructors, and club level leaders.

Together the clubs in the region host regional rallies where members have the opportunity to show off their skills and knowledge in team-based competitions.  During these rallies, members may be able to qualify for Championships, and represent Great Lakes on a national level.


List Of Clubs and Centers

  • Cedar Ridge Equestrian Riding Center-- Ann Arbor, MI
  • Central Michigan Pony Club-- Saginaw, MI
  • Dream Big Pony Club-- NE Indiana
  • Foxwood Pony Club-- NW Ohio
  • Grand River Pony Club -- Grand Rapids, MI
  • Highland Hills Pony Club -- Milford, MI
  • Huron Valley Pony Club -- Ann Arbor, MI
  • K. Colfer Sporthorses Riding Center -- Harbor Springs, MI
  • Kalamazoo Valley II Pony Club -- Kalamazoo, MI
  • Kensington Farms Riding Center -- SW Michigan
  • Macatawa Pony Club -- Holland, MI
  • Metamora Hunt II Pony Club -- Metamora, MI
  • Orchard Hill Pony Club -- South Lyon, MI
  • Pierport Pony Club -- Manistee, MI
  • Rose Lake Pony Club -- Lansing, MI
  • Serentiy Farm Gypsy Horses Riding Center -- Ida, MI
  • Silver Snaffles Pony Club -- NE Indiana
  • Traverse Bay Pony Club -- Traverse City, MI

In general, Pony Clubs are administered by parents and other adults who volunteer to operate the club and organize activities. Individual adults will become Club Sponsors, from which the club leadership - District Commissioner, Joint District Commissioner (optional), Club Secretary, and Club Treasurer - will be chosen. In addition to selecting officers, Club Sponsors are charged with oversight of a club’s budget and calendar of activities.

Pony Clubs take a substantial time commitment from parents and other adult volunteers. Members are encouraged to participate as often as possible and parents are strongly encouraged to attend all club meetings and events, especially if the member is very young. Pony Club really is a family experience; it is an excellent investment of your time for the future.

Riding Center is a facility with which USPC has entered a contractual agreement to offer the Pony Club curriculum and program. The Center Administrator, possibly along with an Assistant Center Administrator, is appointed by the facility’s owner or operator to be responsible for the Pony Club programming within their business. The Center Administrator and Assistant Center Administrator may be employees of the business who are paid for their time. In addition, most centers have a core group of parents that want to be involved in their child’s activities, and will happily volunteer to help. However, unlike a club, parent involvement in a centers not a requirement for the administration of the Pony Club program.




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