Great Lakes

RS Message to Leaders and Members

March, 2021

Pony Club friends and family,   

2020 was obviously a year like no other.  I cannot tell you how incredibly proud and grateful I am to be associated with our local, regional, and national pony club leadership.  The responsiveness and flexibility demonstrated to course-correct last May are foundational to our path forward for 2021.   

By now, you know that we’ve had to make more difficult decisions about the region’s 2021 pony club year.  I can assure you that the safety and well-being of our members, families, sponsors, leaders, and volunteers will remain our highest priority as we continue to navigate the pandemic and its implications throughout our area.  

We are confident that by the time our weather allows us to get outside we will be closer to “normal” than we’ve been in well over a year.  Our regional mounted rally planning is well underway, we have clubs and centers resuming activity in person, local and national testings are a go, virtual meetings have been scheduled for local leaders and upper-level members, and the path to Festival 2021 is being paved.   

As you skim through the resources located within the 2021 Omnibus, you’ll see that we make a number of references to links and information that is also available online at either our regional website or the national website  Please remember that member information as well as information that is “sensitive” will require the use of our USPC website login and password.   

I am encouraged by our growth already this year (we now have a total of 14 clubs and 4 centers!) and several new members.  I am looking forward to “seeing” you all again soon! 

Until then, I wish you all good health, safe activities, warmer weather, and plenty of snuggles with your ponies! 




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